Gau Chikitsa Trust A Sanctuary of Love and Healing for Cows

Gau Chikitsa Trust stands as a sanctuary of compassion and healing for our beloved bovine companions. With a heart dedicated to the welfare of cows, our trust strives to provide them with the love, care, and medical attention they deserve. Each cow we embrace becomes a cherished soul in our sanctuary, where kindness and empathy guide every action. We believe in the innate beauty of these gentle beings and work tirelessly to ensure their well-being. From nurturing the ailing to celebrating the healthy, Gau Chikitsa Trust is a haven of love for cows. Through your support and generosity, we can continue our mission to provide not just medical aid but also a home filled with warmth and respect. Join us in this journey of compassion, as together we create a world where every cow feels the boundless love that they so rightfully deserve.

आओ मिलकर करते हैं गौ माता की सेवा व गौ दान कर आप भी इस महान पुण्य को कमाए | गौ माता की जय|

गौ सेवा ही मानव का सबसे बड़ा पुण्य का काम है आप सब का साथ हो तो इस मुहिम को आगे बड़ा सकते हैं |

Hdfc bank detail


Hdfc bank , KISHANGARH branch

IFSC – HDFC0001837

Account no 50100514509500

गौ सेवा का धर्म अपनाये, खुद को मोक्ष के धाम में ले जाए

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