Our Steps For Gau Seva

Gau Mata Seva

Embrace the transformative power of caring for mother cows—unlock a life filled with boundless peace, prosperity, and unbridled happiness.

Care For Cow

The “Healthcare for Gau Mata” program provides medical care to cows in India because they are cultural icons in Hinduism

Donate For Gau

Gau seva is the practice of serving and protecting cows.Your Donation helps provide food, shelter, and care to cows in need.

Why Gauchikitsa ?

Gauchikitsa the ancient practice of cow therapy, embodies holistic healing. Utilizing cow by-products like milk, ghee, urine, and dung, it offers remedies for various ailments. Cow urine, known for its medicinal properties, is rich in antioxidants, aiding in detoxification and boosting immunity. Gau Chikitsa’s medicinal formulations contribute to skincare, digestion, and overall wellness.This therapy extends beyond physical health, fostering ecological balance, and respects the sacred status of cows in Indian culture.Gau Chikitsa encapsulates holistic health, honoring the cow’s revered essence.

Our Facilities For Cows

We have a full-time staff of about 100 people to take care of cow and other animals 24*7 with all the modern facilities.

Exploring Gau Seva Dham's Cow Care Journey on Video

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